Germany: Delivery of Electromobiles Lasts Almost a Year

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The Germans, who decide to purchase an electric car, have to prepare for long delivery times. In Germany is impending the prohibition to drive diesel cars to some places. According to the Sunday edition of Automobilwoche, clients have to wait a few months for a car.

This applies to both German and foreign brands. For example, Hyundai Ioniq has a waiting period of up to one year. “Unfortunately, in terms of electricity, we were surprised by success – in other words, the demand -” said Hyundai spokesman for Automobilwoche.

A similar situation is with the Smart brand, which belongs to Daimler. If motorists order electric vehicles in February, they will reach them in the end of the year or the start of the next. “Demand is growing faster and more pronounced than we could expect and plan with our suppliers,” Smart spokeswoman Annette Winkler said.

Those interested in the electric version of the VW Golf have to wait until October. Even though Volkswagen has introduced a second change in the factory in Dresden. For VW e-Up! waiting periods of five to six months, Nissan Leaf for about 10 months and Peugeot Ion for six to seven months.

The delivery of Kia Soul EV is roughly after mid-year and Renault Zoe in four months. The shortest delivery times – two to three months – have the BMW i3 buyers.

Problems have not only private subscribers, but also big ones. For example, the SAP software concern wants to reduce its carbon footprint in 2025 and expand its electric vehicle fleet.

“When you want to buy a clean electric car in February 2018, you will not get virtually any,” said Marcus Wagner, managing director of Automobilwoche.


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