The British launch Vertical Aerospace wants to be distinguished from other taxi companies. Their electric “car” should therefore carry passengers not only after one city but also for longer distances. And they say they can handle it more efficiently than the plane.

“Aviation is now the major contributor to climate change and local air pollution,” said Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO of the startup, in a CNN interview. “We want to decarbonise air transport and give people freedom to fly from their local neighborhood directly to the destination.”

The video below captures the first flight of the Vertical Aerospace taxi. An electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) first rises into the air. Then it moves at a height of about 10 meters above ground for several minutes.

A four-rotor machine, according to available information, can fly at speeds of up to 80 km / h and drive a 100-150 km long route.

Also the Vertical Aerospace has become the first British company to test a prototype flying taxi. It is due to this demonstration flight. Several more things can be picked up on eVTOL.

Adding to this the need to overcome a number of regulatory barriers, we find that the service described above is likely to be unavailable earlier than four years.



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