Smart Infrastructure: The Central Brain for (Smart) Cities

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How fully digital and integrated smart infrastructure will affect our lives? Digitization is a breakthrough technology across all sectors. From the point of view of the estimated economic benefit, smart cities rank second in the clever factories that lead this imaginary ranking. The greatest benefits of digitization of cities can be expected in the area of ​​public health and safety (improvement of the quality of the environment due to improvements in air and water management), transport (so-called smart transport, deployment of autonomous vehicles, more efficient commuting and urban transit etc.) ) and in the management of energy sources (smart consumption meters, higher network stability, less losses).

Digitization thus significantly influences the way the city can serve its citizens, and dramatically changes the way people live. Already this year, more than the people on the planet are connected to the Internet. By 2020, the number of connections should increase to 50 billion and around 2030 should be up to one trillion. The native internet of things that interconnects these devices. Moreover it allows them to interact with them opens up many new opportunities. That we still have in mind in many ways. But one thing is certain, somewhere we have to store and analyze a huge amount of data. It is just such a “central brain” that Siemens is MindSphere.


MindSphere is an open-source operating system and a cloud solution for industrial Internet. We can use it to connect cloud devices and data collection. Also we can use a device to manage transport and transport infrastructure, such as smart crossroads or railroad crossings, trains, trams, subway kits, etc. These are also smart vehicles, energy systems or smart building complexes. MindSphere lets you further handle these data with applications and advanced analytics. It turns them into information that can help you improve city air. For more information, please visit


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