Today we will discuss one of the world’s most famous Chinese cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum platform – Qtum.

Qtum is a decentralized project with an open source and a hybrid blockchain. The Qtum technology core combines the Bitcoin core and the Account Abstraction Layer (AAL), which allows the use of multiple virtual machines, including the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). It uses the style of the PoS, which is focused on dealing with certain uses in industry. So far, Qtum Tokens are used to communicate with a decentralized application and smart contracts on the Qtum platform. Over time, these coins serve as a strike name for the Qtum blockchain. For all this, Qtum seeks to stabilize and improve the so-called “bridge” between blockchains and the business world. This is what the concepts of intelligent contracts that specialize in business and its proper course are already mentioned.

This project was founded by Patrick Dai along with people such as Neil Mahi, chief architect of blockchain and Jordan Earls, who is the main developer and co-founder. These people are very well known and respected in cryptoworld. Qtum also has a huge list of people supporting this project, such as Matthew Roszak (founder of the Bloq project), Roger Ver (ICO Rockwell Blockboain), Anthony Di Iorio (Founder of the World Ethereum Platform) or Star Xu (the founder of the OKcoin cryptoma).

Qtum picked up 15.6 million US dollars in the first phase before the official launch in just 17 hours, becoming the eighth cryptocurrency at the time of its launch in terms of investing money before its official launch. In advance, 10 million tokens were sold out in less than 90 minutes! The sale ended with the collection of 11,156 Bitcoins and 77,081 coins, Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The two most powerful pages of Qtum are:

  • Qtum is the first cryptocurrency that introduced the protocol based on Bitcoin, but also on the Ethereum platform. Qtum has thus combined them. The founders’ vision was to be able to use Bitcoin’s improvement protocols while using the Ethereum virtual machine. That’s what they did.
  • Qtum has one of the most respected and experienced teams in the world, not to mention the enormous names of people in this business who support this project. And this will be one of the main factors that will decide the great interest and success of this great project

Qtum is a very stable project with a great chance of success, and so we recommend it to the portfolio of each cryptocurrency investor. We believe you’ve come to know something new and we’ll be looking forward to you for the next blog about ICO projects.



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