Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said in a recent CNBC interview that bitcoin will be the single global currency in the future. “Bitcoin is mathematically defined, there is a certain amount of bitcoin, and the way it is distributed, and that’s all clear. There is no man, no society behind it, it is just growing, growing and surviving. And this tells me that there is something natural about it, and that nature is more important than all human conventions. “

Wozniak said he bought his Bitcoins at $ 700, but only one Bitcoin he left to experiment, he said he had sold the rest long ago. Personally, he is not considered to be an investor, but rather interested in blockchain technology in the background. Except for that Bitcoin, he says he still owns 2 Ethereums.

He also acknowledges that, in addition to the Bitcoin, there are more than a thousand other cryptocurrencies, but only Bitcoin has remained pure, unspoiled. Other cryptocurrencies often abandon key aspects of Bitcoin, such as decentralization. It is therefore worth seeing that bitcoin is the only digital gold in his opinion.

Interestingly, the similar opinion on the future of Bitcoin has Twitter Director, Jack Dorsey, who also said a few weeks ago that bitcoin will once serve as a global currency. He thinks it could be earlier than 10 years.


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