Spectrecoin XSPEC is one of the second-generation cryptocurrencies and is dedicated to the absolute protection of privacy.

It uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) 3-Generation energy-efficient algorithm that allows fast transaction confirmation (30-60 seconds). It uses DAG (Directed acyclic graph) circular signatures, which are then locked into a block (after 60 seconds).

This is a combination of block and blockless technology. In case of mass extensions and insufficient block sizes, they can be easily edited by the development team.

The Spectrecoin Network is resistant to DDOS attacks.

Security and privacy is ensured by using the Tor + OBFS4 Peer-to-Peer layer. No one can trace your IP address and OBFS4 is some kind of TOR masking. If a state blocks access to TORs, you should bypass this block. Spectrecoin can therefore be used anywhere in the world where the internet is.

Transaction charges are minimal.

Support for Treasure and Ledger is under preparation.

Spectrecoin – evaluation of min. 5% per year (Staking)

Spectrecoin does not work, so there is no 51% attack on the net. At first, 20,000,000 XSPECs were issued and 95% coins were distributed among ICO investors. Because a smaller amount has been selected in ICO than anticipated, investors received more coins. At that time, it was the 4 most successful ICO in history to be crippled in terms of appreciation.

Annually, 5% of the new currency is created to reward users who support the network by leaving their wallets open for so-called Staking. Absolutely every user can support the network and redeem their coins.

They will begin to accrue to your balance after 288 blocks, that is, about 8 hours after you get into the mature. It’s similar to mining with other cryptocurrencies, but you have minimum 5% annual gain and mining virtually does not burden your computer and does not increase the demand for electricity (nothing is counted). Thanks to the fact that it can benefit each other with a wallet, Spectrecoin is extremely decentralized.

At present, only 1/3 of the network is connected to Staking. Your annual appreciation is about 15 percent!

If desired, you can set up automatic part of your Stack earnings for Spectrecoin developers (default is set to 5%).

Source: https://www.kryptostart.cz/kryptomeny/spectrecoin/

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