After the fourth round of National Smart Cities Challenge competition the Centre announced list of nine new Smart Cities. The number of cities picked under the Smart City Mission now stands at 99.

Announcing the list at a press conference, housing and urban affairs minister Hardeep S. Puri said that since the mission’s guidelines mandated at least one smart city in each state, a spot has been kept vacant for Shillong in case Sikkim, which will be the 100th city provided it submit its proposal to the Centre in next three months, minister said. The nine cities were selected from 15 cities that had submitted their proposals to the ministry and they are:

  • Erode (Tamilnadu)
  • Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh)
  • Silvassa (Dadra and Nagar Haveli)
  • Diu (Daman and Diu)
  • Kavaratti (Lakshadweep)
  • Bihar Sharif (Bihar)

The total proposed investment in the 99 Smart City Mission would be Rs. 2.03 lakh crore. “The nine cities selected have proposed an investment of Rs. 12,824 crore of which Rs.10, 639 crore would be in Area Based Development (ABD) and Rs.2,185 crore in pan-city initiatives which would impact 35.3 lakh persons living in these areas,” added Puri. The newly announced cities will have approximately 409 projects including “smart” roads, rejuvenation of water bodies, cycle tracks, walking paths, smart classrooms, skill development centres, upgradation of health facilities and pan city projects like integrated command control centre. The breakup for sources of funding for these projects is as follows: Smart City Mission (with contribution from State and Centre) 61.25%, Convergence 24.19%, PPP 12.90%, own sources 1.57%, and other sources 0.09%.

The 100 Smart Cities Mission was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 25, 2015. n January 2016, 20 cities were announced under the Smart Cities mission, followed by 13 cities in May 2016, 27 cities in September 2016 and 30 cities in June 2017. Each city will get Rs 500 crore from the Centre implementing various projects.This amount is matched with a grant of the same amount by the respective state.

Meanwhile, the government also announced the commencement of the Livability Index, which will rank 116 cities – all the 99 smart cities, million-plus cities and all state capitals.These cities are expected to be ranked and rated based on 79 indicators organised in 15 distinct ‘Categories’ for measuring various institutional, social, economic and physical aspects that affect quality of life and determine ‘Liveability’ of a city. The outcome of the exercise is expected to be released by the middle of 2018.

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