The ARK provides users, developers and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. They focus on creating a complete chain-linked ecosystem and virtual networks of endless uses that make ARK highly flexible, responsive and scalable. ARK is a secure platform designed for mass recruitment and delivers the services the customer desires and the developer needs.

ARK’s anonymous network integration provides users with optional privacy during the transaction through all the services developed for the ARK platform. Anonymization of services can potentially be provided by the Third Party Technology Integration Partnership.


A group of different people with different capabilities, including web developers, network engineers, hardware experts, financial managers, musicians, traders, social networking promoters, business owners, trying to combine the vision of about 30 people in the ARK community. Each one of them is fully focused on collaborating and developing the ARK ecosystem and community.

It is protected by a cryptographic blockchain network similar to Lisk and Crypti, working on the Delegated Proof of Stake consistent algorithm developed by Bitshares. They represent a modified DPoS platform and include many new implementations.

The Ark is one of the many overlooked cryptocurrencies that really has something to offer. Like LISK, the Crypti successor combined forces into one unique vision, it is very likely that the ARK (LISK successor) and LISK will also find a common focus. The ARK Developer community is very active and has very strong plans for the future, such as the Ecosystem, where it is easy to create a custom blockchain with customizable Sidekits Ecosystem parameters that will be linked to an existing Blockchain system.

The most important marketer when buying cryptocurrencies is the economy hidden behind the project. It is not as important as the project is good, while cryptocurrency does not meet the investment standards it is difficult to call it profitable for the future. In the ARK, the investment model is designed really well and honestly seems to be a really good opportunity to evaluate money.

By day: 3. April 2018
Current value: $ 2.31
Market Cap: $ 237,794,654
Number of Tokens Taken: 101,659,878
Stocks: Bittrex, Binance, Cryptopia,, COSS, Cryptomate, Bit-Z


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